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 Specialized feed systems reduce space requirements, increase employee safety and reduce odour inside operating areas.


The Low Profile compactor may be conveniently located in the lower parking level of any high rise building. 


Low Profile compactors are an excellent choice for underground parking areas.

These compaction units combine powerful compacting ratios along with higher volumes and yet only require 1 parking space.

When overhead space is limited the Low Profile compactor is an excellent selection.

Site aesthetics are greatly improved with the use of Low-Pro compactors by moving the waste compound from outside (typically an alley) to a controlled, secure environment indoors. This increases employee and tenant safety and reduces waste handling.




Low Profile “apartment or high rise” compactors provide:

  • Superior compaction ratios
  • Liquid tight seals, preventing seepage
  • Customized feed systems
  • Odour eliminating features
  • Security and safety




An Excellent Solution for Underground Parking