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Self-Contained compactors prevent contamination of your workplace in accordance with public health department requirements.


We offer a wide variety of Self-Contained compactors for your site.



AtSource Recycling Systems is pleased to offer a variety of Self-Contained compactors for a wide range of waste & recycling applications.

Self-Contained compactors are typically employed when the waste or recycling is “wet”. This includes organic recycle-able materials such as food waste from grocery stores or similar.

Self-Contained compactors range in size from 15 – 34 cu yards and material handling capabilities. 

The professionals at AtSource can determine the best compactor solution to meet your requirements, ensure a smooth installation, and full on-going support. 


Self-Contained compactors are designed to store and transport your wastes, prevent contamination of your work and public areas in accordance with public health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees and reduce disposal costs.

Self-Contained Compactors:

  • Reduce waste hauling expense
  • Improve the appearance of any business
  • Protect against insects, vermin and scavengers
  • Are liquid tight designed to eliminate odours
  • Prevent contamination of work and public areas
  • Improve working conditions and safety



AtSource compactor systems eliminate unsightly refuse and blend into the surroundings.

AtSource provides a variety of styles and sizes of self-contained compactors to suite any size operation and budget. Our custom designed chute systems reduce employee waste handling and improve security.

AtSource can develop a custom engineered automatic dumping system for use with pre-existing, non-standard containers to meet your requirements.