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 Our nation wide coverage protects your waste & recycling equipment from costly repairs for a fixed monthly fee.


  • 100% parts & labour coverage
  • No hidden fees or deductibles
  • Service available across Canada
  • Low fixed monthly rate
  • Toll-free 24 hours a day


Both NEW & USED Equipment  


The Equipment Service Plan, exclusively offered by AtSource Recycling Systems Corp. is your protection from un-foreseen expenses related to your waste and recycling equipment.

We cover new & used Equipment ! Equipment Service Plan


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Equipment Service Plan offered by AtSource?

The Equipment Service Plan provides unlimited emergency repair services, including parts and labour, for fleets of compactors and balers owned by commercial businesses and government agencies for one low monthly fixed fee.

Why Would I need an Equipment Service Plan?

The Equipment Service Plan allows businesses the ability to budget long term for the unknown costs to repair and replace equipment due to normal wear and tear.

Is there an additional Service Fee for each repair call?

There are no hidden fees or deductibles.

Are there Limits on Repairs and Replacements?

There are no limits to the number of repairs provided to keep a piece of equipment fully functional. If the equipment can’t be reasonably repaired after numerous visits AtSource will replace the unit with a comparable machine at their cost

Is there a 30 day wait period after I sign up?

The Equipment Service Plan is activated the day you sign the agreement.

My equipment is old, will you still cover it?

Yes, this program covers all equipment regardless of age. Upon signing the agreement AtSource has up to 1 year to perform an “acceptance inspection” and initial “preventative maintenance service” on the subject piece of equipment. This will determine if it qualifies to be in the program.

If some of my fleet is rejected what happens then?

Individual units that are initially rejected can be removed from the program, and a full refund of any payments returned to the customer. However, rejected units can be included in the service program if the customer decides to do the recommended repairs required to be accepted.

I only have one baler, can I still join the program?

The Equipment Service Plan has been developed specifically for “fleets” of equipment. However you may partner with other single owner machines to join as a group.

What items are not covered in the Equipment Service Plan?

It´s actually easier to say what items are included in the program. This includes repairs made necessary to the equipment or components of the equipment required due to an electrical, mechanical, or structural failure of the machine during normal use for its intended use. This also includes repairs required due to defects in workmanship, or materials and due to normal wear and tear. In other words, all moving parts and components as well as the structure.

How do I sign up for the program?

Simply call our toll free number 1-877-927-8324 or click here to receive further information.


Equipment Service Plan

eq_serv_plan_icon Equipment Service Plan Brochure

  The Equipment Service Plan includes:

  • No deductible
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Labour & parts included
  • No hidden fees
  • New or Used equipment Equally Qualify
  • Low Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Coverage across Canada
  • Toll free access 1-877-927-8324


Our nation wide comprehensive service repair plan protects your waste & recycling equipment from costly repairs for a fixed monthly fee.

Protect your waste and recycling fleet and your annual maintenance budget from costly emergency repairs with the fixed cost Equipment Service Plan from AtSource Recycling Systems Corp.


Our nation wide coverage protects your waste & recycling equipment from costly repairs for a fixed monthly fee.

Providing peace of mind and a simple, valuable service solution for your waste and recycling equipment from AtSource.